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Aegis Overseas – Best Overseas Education Consultancy in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad- The Fast Growing Consultancy in Studying Abroad and Overseas Education & Career Solutions. Aegis Overseas offers end-to-end Overseas Educational Consultancy services and career solutions in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad. We are partnered and official representatives for many foreign universities across the globe and Helping study abroad aspirants.

Studying overseas is the dream and desire of many students. In this junction, we elevate the ample choices and opportunities that are available to study abroad in different countries to study abroad aspirants. It’s a firm appeal and recommendations by many of our students to make use of  Aegis overseas as their best study abroad consultancy in overseas education based out Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad.

In this aspect, Aegis Overseas serves to be one of the best and reliable Overseas Education Consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad. If you are seeking for a professional and trustworthy Abroad Education Consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad with no questions Aegis Overseas serves to be your right choice.

Aegis Overseas is an overseas education consultant based at Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad. Aegis team is highly dedicated in providing best quality one to one consulting services to the students and to their parents, those who want to study abroad.  We create an opportunity for every study abroad aspirant even for their high school who look to enhance their academic profile, develop new skills and to gain experience as practitioners, increase their knowledge as well as attain expertise in their desired areas.

As a reliable Top Overseas Education Consultancy in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad Aegis is proud supporting the students to enhance their career opportunities, especially in this globally competitive job market.

Among the List of Foreign Overseas Education Consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad Aegis overseas is the right and perfect choice for Abroad Study Overseas professional consultancy, especially in guiding them to choose their appropriate course and institute across the globe.

Benefits of joining Aegis Overseas:

Being one of the leading and Best Overseas Education Consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad Aegis Overseas offers numbers of benefits to the students in various aspects including:

  • Wide range of qualifications that are internationally recognized
  • Customized training / learning opportunities
  • Universities Tie Ups In USA , UK, Canada, Australia
  • Quality services at affordable costs

Why Choose Us? Best study abroad consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad

We have always a valuable reason for why choose Aegis Overseas as Abroad Study Consultant in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad. Here are a few facts stating why Aegis Overseas serves to be one of the best study abroad Consultancy in Nellore , Tirupati & Hyderabad.

Helped many students reliable their objectives and dreams

  • Guided in choosing the best and popular universities and educational institutions worldwide
  • We are highly dedicated to providing the best consultants to the students – Filling Up Application
  • We strive to be informative and prospective to the students – Assistance in Documentation
  • We are up-to-date about the current education and qualifications globally – Assistance in securing student scholarship
  • Career counseling with experts to the students seeking higher education overseas.
  • Coaching for IELTS and TOEFL
  • International Educational Loans
  • 100 % Visa Assistance
  • Tie-up with Forex providers
  • Discounts on air tickets
  • Tie up with medical insurance providers
  • Accommodation assistance
  • Pre departure briefing

What are the prerequisite to study abroad?

Studying abroad a need now a days for the students. The ratio of students going abroad is increasing year on year. A good international degree adds value to the CV, improving skills and abilities to one’s personality. The educational institutes of developed countries are powered with technology, research and every other learning aspect. Hence their degrees ensure more job opportunities and more working abilities. Here studying abroad is not a piece of cake.  You have to meet many requirements that need to be addressed before you go abroad for further studies. In this process consulting a foreign educational consultancy is highly recommended. Although the requirements vary from country to country and from university to university, abroad consultancy can guide you at all phases of the process. Some basic and starter requirements  which all the countries require required are cited here. We have highlighted all the initiating requirements which are as follows and For one on one counselling you can visit us with scheduled appointment.

English Language Test:

English language test i.e; IELTS. Most of the countries like Australia, UK, USA, and Germany etc require this test for applying process. The international acceptance score varies from 6.5-7 bands. British Council will be taking this test.

Academic Record:

A good academic record from a recognized educational institute is also required. The academic record varies from program to program. Higher the grades, higher the chances of securing an admission.

Statement of Purpose:

Statement of purpose which is also known as research statement or letter of intent is one of the major requirements. This needs to be very precise and striking. This statement is a brief summary about your interest, experiences, your future aspirations and your motivations for the particular course that you applied for. Usually the SOP’s word limit is 1000 words but it varies from country to country.

Financial Requirements:

There are also some financial requirements that need to be fulfilled before you apply to study abroad. Almost every country requires a bank statement from the student’s guardian of a varied amount so as to eliminate their risks of fraud and other corruptions. Few countries like Germany require a block account for the student. This account ensures the students living and accommodation expenses.

Health and Character Requirements:

Health conditions of a student are also required by certain countries so as to ensure the health safety and security of a student. Physically and mentally healthy students are basically being provided with the opportunity of studying abroad. Few tests and vaccinations are required before applying abroad studies. Other than that character’s surety is also required. Specific character certifications from both the educational institutes and government of home country are required before the application processes. These certifications are mostly needed to be attested and verified from authentic and trusted organizations.

How Aegis Will fulfill study abroad dreams ?

How Aegis Overseas Can help

Aegis Overseas has – Best Abroad Educational Consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad can address your queries what you aspire for.

  • Aegis Overseas  consultants will help you to research career trends, courses, destinations, universities.
  • Our Abroad studies Consultants will brief you the Entry Requirements & Exams that might be required to be taken as part of the qualifying criteria.
  • Aegis Overseas provides tuition and coaching for the various study abroad tests.
  • Aegis Career Advisors assist you in shortlisting the Universities.

Aegis Advisors help you out with the complete application requirements:

  • Resume, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts, Documents/ Certificates etc;
  • Remittance of your tuition fee
  • Complete your visa documents
  • Application for visa
  • Aegis Overseas also offers services to help you with procuring a student visa
  • Travel and accommodation assistance.
  • Arrive at your dream university.

 What is the procedure to Study Abroad at Aegis?

1) Research well

Do your research! Investigate courses, universities and their locations. Like teaching modules, research opportunities, campus life and employment prospects. Take suggestions from your friends and family or reach out to the alumni of universities you are interested in for a wider perspective.

2) Speak with one of our Aegis Overseas Educational Consultants – Best study abroad consultants in Nellore, Tirupati & Hyderabad

Our counsellors are professionally certified and many have been international students themselves. We are a friendly face with the professional and personal experience from across the world.

Set up a free appointment!

3) Make your application

Once select your course and university, it’s time to apply.

Know all about IELTS.

4) Offer acceptance

Once your application is received, the university or school will assess it thoroughly and notify you of the offer.

5) Student visa

After accepting the letter of offer, the next important task is to apply for your student visa. Here, every country has its own set of formalities to fulfill. Your Aegis counsellor will guide you through the visa application process and help you prepare the documents needed for your submission.

Here’s a student visa checklist!

Top most common documents that you would require for your student visa. For a detailed documents list as per your interested country, discuss with your Aegis counsellor.

  • Evidence of enrolment in a recognized educational institution
  • Residence permit applications (it varies by the country)
  • Evidence of language certification (if needed)
  • Evidence of parental/guardian consent (if under 18)
  • Funding Evidence (capacity to cover the cost involved in studying and sustaining abroad)
  • Passport size photographs
  • Copy of the current passport
  • Vaccination Reports
  • Check your visa requirements!

6) Figure out where you’ll live

If you have not been offered an on-campus accommodation, you’ll have to figure out where to live when studying abroad. Look after rooms on rent, homestay or find a local host.

7) Book your flights in time

Make sure you book your flights well in advance

8) Ready, set, go

Find out more about our pre-departure support



Test of English as a Foreign Language, more commonly known as the TOEFL is a standardised test that is required for Indians wanting to study abroad, particularly in English speaking countries. This test primarily gauges one’s ability to comprehend the language and is an important pre-requisite for applicants who have either been offered a scholarship or a job from a first world country.


Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test to assess the Verbal, Mathematical and Analytical Writing skills of students, who wish to pursue their graduation abroad. The test intends to help Graduate Schools evaluate applicants prospective for advanced study.


Almost anybody who wishes to study abroad, especially at a leading University is expected to be fluent in English. While the language is one spoken universally, It might sometimes be tough for some students, particularly from Asian countries to be able to converse in it. It is for this reason that most Universities expect students to appear


The PTE is one such English exam that stands for ‘Pearson Test of English’ and is mandatory for certain English speaking countries like Australia, UK, USA and Europe. There are many PTE coaching centres in Delhi that have especially trained staff who guide and coach students in such a way that they can max their scores on the PTE and thus better their chances of getting into a university of their choice.