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International students are not allowed to enroll for part time courses.
In most of the countries students can work up to 20 hours a week during their academic term & 40 hours a week during their holidays. Countries like Singapore, does not allow part time work to international students
After completion of the course, students are advised to return back to their home country. If you have been offered a full time job & have a valid visa to stay in the country you may do so.
Student visa is normally valid for the duration of the course. You may get a grace period of 3-4 weeks to make arrangements for your return to home country.
You need to get permission from your academic department to re-sit for the exams and also seek the help from the international office to get the visa extended for the required period of time.
Yes, most universities do provide top performers with academic scholarships to ease their financial burden. Candidates need to apply for scholarships as soon as possible, and maintain high grades in all semesters in order to retain the scholarship.
The cost of studying abroad would include the cost of flight tickets, the tuition fee, and living expenses. The tuition fees of universities vary based on the course subject, duration of study and the popularity of the college. The living expenses also would depend on the selected city and the quality of accommodation being provided.
Most countries allow students to visit their home country during vacations. If you have a multiple entry visa you would be allowed to visit your home during your study period easily.
If an institution rejects your application, you can re-attempt to apply for a suitable program matching your profile in the same institutions itself with more supporting documents or choose an alternative option in other institutions where your profile would be eligible.
We do not just provide students theoretical guidance on how they can proceed to study abroad. We have professionally trained program advisors who walk the candidate through every step of process from sending university applications to getting settled in their new overseas accommodations. We are a certified educational consultancy and have ties with prestigious universities in at least a dozen foreign countries.